*MBBS, DENTISTRY and others sponsored by MARA. Apply now to study at MAHSA University. After that apply Tertiary Education Sponsorship Program (TESP MARA)
**Open to students who are want studying full-time First Degree in a specific field at a selected Institute of Higher Education (IPT) within country. Apply now to study at MAHSA University. Please Call or Whatsapp Encik Am at 0176842836 for more information.

  • Applications must be made online to Encik Am at 0176842836 @ wasap.my/60176842836/MARA
  • Applicants must meet the general requirements and academic requirements that have been set.
  • If the applicant is found to have given false information, MARA reserves the right at any time to terminate or withdraw the loan offer
  • ¬†Malaysian.
  • Applicants and one of their mothers or fathers who are Bumiputera
  • Meet the Socio-Economic Status (SES) eligibility requirements of the family as follows: Eligibility Category Monthly Income Annual Taxable Income Fees & Living Allowance RM12,000 and below RM150,000 and below Fee only RM12,001 – RM20,000 RM150,001 – RM250,000
  • Mothers and fathers/guardians and students are not blacklisted by MARA.
  • Never received a MARA loan for the same level of study.
  • Free from chronic / infectious diseases / diseases that require treatment follow up.
  • The applicant’s age limit is not more than 40 years when the application is made.
  • *Subject to terms and conditions from MARA.¬†

New Student

  • Get a CGPA > 3.00 at the Foundation / Matriculation / Preparation / STPM level and equivalent;

List of courses:

  1. Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of surgery
  2. Doctor of Dental surgery
  3. Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons)
  4. Bachelor of biomedical sciences (Hons)
  5. Bachelor if environmental health and safety (Hons)
  6. Bachelor of nursing (Hons) public health
  7. Bachelor of Science ( Hons) Nursing
  8. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering with honours
  9. Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Hons)
  10. Bachelor of science Biotechnology (Hons)
  11. Bachelor of science (Hons) in islamic Finance
  12. Bachelor of business Administration
  13. Bachelor of Physiotheraphy (Hons)
  14. *Subject to terms and conditions from MARA.

Who’s Fast Gets because PLACES are Limited

Any changes are subject to MARA and MAHSA University